Our Mission

At Mysterieux, our mission is to seamlessly merge contemporary hairdressing with precision barbering, redefining the boundaries of customer service while embodying a fashion-forward lifestyle brand.

Core Values

Mystérieux was built from the ground up. From humble beginnings, our founder, Rod Timoteo Jr, completely committed himself physically, mentally, and financially to create a culture and a brand that people can really get behind. Passion, commitment, hustle, transformation, and humility are all core values that we embody as an individual, as a team, and as a collective. We live and breathe these ideals 24/7, be it in the workplace, at home, or spiritually wherever and whatever you may be doing. The Mystérieux Team understands what it takes to earn and keep your aspirations in life, and it starts by embodying these core values in everything you do.


The very meaning of urban streetwear style goes deeper than the superficial. At its roots, urban streetwear design is a culture that is raw, rebellious, authentic, and true to itself. Those who embody this culture align with these characteristics and the core values Mystérieux Brand demonstrates with constant passion. Inspired by each of our own unique life experiences and our need to rise above and establish ourselves as a unique and gifted community, the Mystérieux Brand pushes forward to continually seek out fresh new looks that shatter what we think we know about fitness and urban streetwear style.

Founder and CEO Rod Timoteo Jr has a keen eye for urban fashion, and a profound love for the culture and style associated with rebellious urban streetwear apparel. On his journey to pursue a life of fitness, strength, and longevity, he noticed that mainstream fitness apparel was utilitarian and bland, and sought to provide his fellow fashion forward fitness enthusiasts with a unique line of fitness apparel that also embodied the pinnacle of urban streetwear style.

“Hustle hard to get what you want, but Hustle Harder to keep what you got.”

-Rod Timoteo