French is a romantic language that exudes sophistication, class, and luxury. It is engrained on one of the world’s most expensive champagne, Moët. And just like the dazzling brand that has been a legendary symbol throughout hiphop, Mystérieux is a refined brand that is just as smooth and satisfyingly rich. For a brand to withstand the test of time, it has to be robust and enduring. This is why we promote fitness. Mysterieux compliments your gym attire because our line is flexible and strong. It also keeps you looking streetwise when your outside, no matter what you pair our apparel with. We’ve combined streetwear with fitnesswear, so you can look suave when your hustling harder in the gym or in the club. 



Our tagline is “Not all are created equal. Some are just Gifted.” Success takes time and when you haven’t quite reached it, people underestimate you on the way to it. We promote diversity because we all have gifts that make us exclusive. We discover our gifts, and work on them until we achieve greatness. Until then, we remain unknown and mysterious, just drawing attention, which is why we call ourselves Mystérieux.